IMC Glass work closely with BSI and have independent testing on our products carried out twice a year as per BSEN1279 part 6 Annex B Audit test.

Our quality management/production systems are also independently audited by the notified body (BSI)  to ensure the on-going quality of our products.

These are the certificates we hold:
  • Certificate BSEN1279 Part 2 BSI 262/4677672 (Production Quality)
  • Certificate BSEN1279 Part 3 BSI 371/7758378 (Gas Leakage)
  • Certificate BSEN1279 Part 6 SDG0703/11870B Annex B Audit Test, Declaration Of Performance Number 68603
  • Certificate BSEN673 UKAS Certified U-Value (Insulation)
Certification CE and  BSEN1279 Approved

To manufacture double glazed units, certification is required for BSEN1279 Part 2, production quality and BSEN1279 Part 3, which relates to gas leakage at less than 1% per annum. Certification is your guarantee of quality and reliability.

It is a legal requirement that all double glazed units must have CE mark in accordance with the construction products Regulation declaration of performance.



Safety glass required for all door and sidelights and any glass in a window below 800mm from the floor and can be toughened or laminated glass. Laminate glass has less breaking resistance than toughened glass. Laminated glass will provide protection to internal furnishings as Ultra Violet radiation is reduced by 98/99% and a slightly better acoustic rating.

All  Double Glazed Units can be constructed with any type of glass or thickness. The width of the cavities determine the insulation or U Value, the thickness of glass has no effect on U Values.

All simulations of U-values can be available on request.

Our Safety Glass Standards

  • Toughened glass, Class 1 BSEN 12150
  • Laminated glass, Class 2 BSEN 14449