Slim Glaze Sealed Units

  • Low sight line

    Slim Glaze double glazing has a perimeter seal from edge of glass to inside of spacer bar of around 7mm.

  • Suitable for old buildings

    Can be easily fitted into traditional timber frames.

  • Minimises condensation

    Slim Glaze double glazed units will slow down the dew point being reached.

  • Thermally efficient

    U-values as low as 1.2 on a 6mm cavity and 1.1 on a 8-cavity.

How it works

Conventional double glazing consists of two glass panes placed up to 20mm apart, with the cavity between the panes filled with either dry air or an inert gas such as argon. This gas reduces heat transfer through the glass due to its lower thermal conductivity. The wider the gap between the panes, the lower the heat transfer, up to an optimum level above which circulation patterns in the gas reduce the benefit.

We only use Krypton or Xenon in Slim Glaze units

Argon has a thermal conductivity 67 percent that of air, krypton has about half the conductivity of argon, while Xenon is even more so.

These gases are used because they are non-toxic, clear, odourless, chemically inert. So by using Krypton or Xenon in our Slim-glaze units we can greatly reduce the centre pane U-value meaning that you will get the very best in heat retention while keeping the overall thickness of the unit thin.

Please note
Unlike other companies we DO NOT use a Xenon/Krypton mix and only use the pure gases.
Slim Glaze Spacers
  • High performance
  • Blend with any frame finish
  • 4mm, 6mm or 8mm unit cavity
  • Just 3mm in depth
  • Ruler straight edges
  • Sharp 90° corners

Need Greater Transparency?

When the sun shines through a window the room heats up and this is referred to as Solar Factor or Gain, which will provide a measure of free winter heating. This extra Solar benefit also increases the Window Energy Ratings.
Slim Glaze Super Clear incorporates the leading glass in this market, Pilkington Optiwhite. It has a high Light Transmission of 85% and therefore a high Solar Factor of 79% which means cheaper heating bills in the winter.

Pilkington Optiwhite

Pilkington Optiwhite is a low-iron extra clear float glass with very high light transmission.

The reason why Pilkington Optiwhite is such an excellent choice for Slim Glaze Super Clear is the sheer variety of solar factor benefits it can offer. It is practically colourless, and the green cast inherent to other glasses is not present. It is therefore ideal for use where glass edges are visible or where a neutral colour is desired. As its light transmission is higher than clear float glass, it is perfect for applications where high transparency is important.
Low-iron glass like Pilkington Optiwhite is made using carefully selected raw materials with a naturally low iron content. The melting process is tightly controlled to ensure that the product properties remain consistent, using along with a Low-E coated glass, Warm Edge and Krypton Gas can greatly enhance the Window Energy Rating.

Need Better Sound Reduction?

No matter where it originates, from railways, aircraft or factories, noise is all around. Future trend research suggests that traffic and noise in general will only get worse.
The careful and considered selection of glass can be crucial in helping to reduce noise level and meet noise requirements.
Pilkington OptiphonTM is a high quality acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction without compromising on light transmittance or impact performance. The desired acoustic performance can be achieved through combining various thicknesses of glass with a special PVB (polyvinylbutyral) interlayer. With a large variety of product combinations, Pilkington OptiphonTM offers the opportunity to achieve specific noise reduction requirements.

Pilkington Optiphon

Pilkington Optiphon is a high quality acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction without compromising on light transmittance or impact performance.

Product features and benefits:

  • Provides a range of noise control levels
  • A thin and lightweight solution to noise problems
  • Achieves safety class 1(B)1 (EN 12600) and is available to meet security glass classifications in accordance with EN 356
  • In case of breakage remains intact, minimising the risk of injury

IMC Glass is one of the few glazing companies in the UK to obtain a BSI Kitemark™ for a slim double glazing product.

With over 20 years in the double glazing manufacturing industry and the commitment and dedication to being one the the first companies to be awarded the British Kite mark on this product, you can be safe in the knowledge that that with us quality and reassurance come guaranteed.

“It is no longer necessary to expect people who live in old buildings not to optimise their insulation. This product provides the alternative to turning up the heating and allows people to live more comfortably in older properties.”Aaron, IMC Glass Owner

Just how Slim are our Slim Glaze Units?

Our Slim Glaze units start at just 11mm overall thickness… about the diameter of a Biro.

Full Specifications

What Does Slim Glaze Mean?

Slim Glaze is just our product name for slim double glazed units. Other names for such products available on the market include Slimline, Ultra thin, Slender Pane, Slimlite, Thin seal, Slim unit and Slender thin unit.