Window restoration being carried out using over 800 units of our IMC Slim-Glaze range , our unique product ensures that these frames which were only designed for single glazing can be glazed using our super thin units starting from only 11mm thick , filled using Krypton gas to ensure low U-values and using thin warm edge technology with only a 7mm sightline they are the number one choice of product in the heritage glazing sector..

The MTI building is commonly known as the “Red Tech” because of the red bricks used in the construction of this facility. The Municipal Technical Institute embodies the Dutch Baroque of the Queen Anne style of the late seventeenth century.

The building is a demonstration of the fine limestone work and brickwork evident in buildings of the period in Limerick City. Work commenced on the site in January 1910 and a completed building was ready for occupation in August 1911