IMC Glass Slim Glaze units are covered by a five year warranty that through faulty manufacturing has condensation between the cavity of the sealed unit. To be covered units must have been installed and maintained completely as per our glazing instructions or in accordance with the glass and glazing federation glazing manual.

Exceptions to Warranty

  • Leaded lights within cavity
  • Own glass made into units
  • Stepped units.

Marks or scratches on cavity side of glass

  • Please report within 48 hours
  • Please confirm in writing

Marks or scratches on outside of glass

  • IMC GLASS can accept no liability after the delivery docket has been signed, since marks or scratches may have been caused after receipt of goods.
  • All units must be inspected by the customer, and any faults reported immediately.

Blemishes in glass

  • IMC GLASS sealed units are made to visual quality guidelines as laid down by GGF. Advice available on request.

Condensation on room side of sealed units

  • Many factors influence the level of condensation, sealed units cannot cause it.
  • We can supply advice on request, GGF will also advise.

Any claim under this warranty is subject to our representative being afforded reasonable opportunity to inspect the unit concerned before de-glazing. If on inspection it is determined that the unit was not of faulty manufacture, you may be required to pay the cost of inspection.

This warranty does not cover consequential damage or loss arising from the glazing of a replacement unit. Warranty is for goods only; reglazing will not be considered. If a replacement unit is supplied it will be the same type as the original and will carry a warranty covering the original unit or up to twelve month’s from the date of replacement whichever is later.

IMPORTANT: Proper maintenance is the responsibility of the owner/occupier concerned, failure to comply with these could invalidate this warranty.