up and coming restoration work due to be carried out on one of Ireland's most expensive properties using IMC Glass Slim-Glaze Heritage range, using our specialist units consisting of thermal technology we have also used historical glass popular in the 1800's to recreate the feel and look of this 18th century property. Milltown Park in Shinrone, Co Offaly was built by the Spunner family in about 1720, near the site of an earlier house built by the Spunners when they first arrived in Co Offaly in the 1500s. The ruins of the original house are still standing down by the river, along with an avenue of ancient lime trees. The Spunners were a trendy bunch given that their house was one of the first to be constructed in the then new Palladian-style over four floors. And in Milltown Park's case, it is widely believed that the house's stuccodores were a trio of Swiss brothers of great renown

VIDEO: Inside Milltown Park Estate – One of Ireland’s most expensive properties

This is the Milltown Estate in Co Offaly a beautiful 8 bedroomed home listed among Ireland's most expensive properties.