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Irelands only certified manufacturer of Slim Glaze double glazing


 perimeter seal from the edge of the glass to inside of spacer bar of around 7mm


Our Slim Glaze products can be fitted onto older buildings with ease.


Our Units will slow to the point where dew point will be reached.


U-values as low as 1.2 on a 6mm cavity and 1.1 on an 8-cavity.


Here at IMC Glass we have invested in the design and manufacturing of these specialist slim double-glazed units in order to satisfy the requirements of traditional timber frames. We are Ireland’s ONLY fully certified manufacturer of heritage think double glazing, our brand name for this product is Slim-Glaze, we are the ONLY company in Ireland and one of two companies in all of U.K and Ireland to have passed BOTH product testing BSEN1279 part 2 for (Moisture Penetration) AND part 3 (Gas Leakage) fully certified and accredited with our own Kite-Mark license do to so after we brought this award-winning product to market over 10 years ago. So if you are buying this type of unit anywhere else in Ireland ask to see the test results certs which state (HERITAGE) and that the units tested are from a unit with a narrow seal as if these cant be produced then those units are not certified nor have passed the strict test chamber requirements when product tested and certified by B.S.I

This means that it is no longer necessary for people who live in older buildings not to optimize their insulation. This product provides the alternative to turning on the heating and for people to that do live in an older property to live far more comfortably. Our Slim-glaze uses the latest in warm edge spacer technology. It is psychically smaller than the usual spacer bar and far more attractive. It allows the perimeter margin to be to the minimum meaning it can be glazed in traditional glazing rebates.

The double glazing has an outside border seal from the edge of the glass to the inside of the spacer bar of 7mm + or – 1mm. Units can also range from 11mm to 16mm in overall thickness. Large panes up to 1m2 only can be manufactured using 4mm spacer, for panes over 1m2 please increase the (Cavity-Width) to 6m or 8m depending upon the size of the unit needed.

As well as supplying the biggest undertaking of heritage restoration Dublin has seen in the ESB building’s project, you can also find our products already installed in major projects across Ireland in our online recent projects and social media section which include.

Queen’s University, Ashford Castle, National Art Gallery, Coolmore Stud Farm, Adare Manor, Hillsborough Castle, USA Ambassador Residence, U.K Ambassador Residence, Dublin Castle, Dromoland Castle, Gilford Castle, Royal College of Surgeons, Clayton Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Department of Education, Cashel Palace, Griffith Barracks, McKee Barracks, Primark Buildings, Malone Exchange, Mont Hotel, Northern

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Our Slim Glaze units start at just 11mm overall thickness…about the diameter of a Biro.


When we talk about Slim Glaze we are talking about our slim double-glazed units.
These type of units are sometimes known in the trade as Slimline, Slim Unit, Thin Seal, Ultra-Thin, Slimlite, Slender Thin Unit and Slender Pane. Slim-Glaze is our own product, can be found named on many tenders from listed houses to government buildings, winner of the architect choice award and We are the only certified manufacturer of this product in Ireland, we have our own British kite-mark license (BSEN 1279) which we upkeep by having our products tested and approved every 6 months by B.S.I (British Standards Institution) and also have been issued our CE mark which declares that our product meets legal requirements of the relevant Directive or Regulations to be sold within the European union. All these certifications cost many thousands each year and are displayed on each unit we manufacture along with an certified Gas fill confirmation label which can be traced back to the day and time it was filled, giving customer assurance and trust in our product. Please be aware of any supplier who cannot show these accreditations as they haven’t went down the proper route of having their units properly tested/ or have even failed in their product testing results which consist of moisture penetration and gas leakage results.


In most cases double glazing consists of two glass panes that are placed 20mm apart, the cavity in between are filled with dry air or an inert gas such as argon. This gas reduces the heat transfer through the glass due to its lower thermal conductivity.

The wider the gap between the panes means the lower the heat transfer, up to an optimum level above which circulation patterns in the gas reduce the benefit

We Exclusivly Use Xenon or Krypton in our Slim Glaze Units

Argon has a thermal conductivity 67 percent that of air, krypton has about half the conductivity of argon, while Xenon is even more so.

The reason these gases are used is due to them being non-toxic, odourless, chemically inert, clear. Therefore by using Xenon or Krypton in our units, we can then greatly reduce the centre pane U-value. This means that you will have the very best in heat retention whilst keeping the overall thickness of the unit thin.

Award Winner at the Architect choice awards for best exterior product

-Voted by The Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland

About Us

IMC Glass has been manufacturing a wide range of options for over 30 years, we offer a range of units such as energy efficient Slim Glaze units to more decorative options as well as a range of standard products.

From the standard double glazing to slim glazing, laminate and float products through to the more specialist products such as Polished Plate, fire safety glass range, Stove Glass, Pyroguard and Georgian wire.

Over the last number of years IMC Glass has become Ireland’s Number one manufacturer of Slim Glaze units, these super slim units start from 11mm in thickness and then filled with our specilised gases to ensure maximum efficient energy.

Our Slim Glaze unit has become the number one choice in many prestigious jobs across Ireland and can be found in Coolmore Stud Farm, Queen’s University, U.S Ambassador Resident, Dublin National Gallery, Ashford Castle, Dromoland Castle and many more high end listed building’s across Ireland and the UK.

“It is no longer necessary to expect people who live in old buildings not to optimise their insulation. This product provides the alternative to turning up the heating and allows people to live more comfortably in older properties.”

-Aaron, IMC Glass